• Forest 28

    cream soup, mushrooms, champignon, foie-gras, croutons, cream / 250g
    Allergens: mushrooms, lactose, gluten

  • French style 22

    celery cream soup and Bleu d 'Auvergne cheese / 230g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • Soup of the day 22



  • Camembert 34

    green salad, camembert, carrot, celery, onion, shallot, apple, walnut, cherry tomatoes, croutons / 300g
    Allergens: gluten, lactose, nuts, celery

  • Chef salad with beef jerky 36

    salad mix, beef, cherry tomatoes, croutons, asparagus, pears, peppers, ham, lime, Brillat-Savarin / 200g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • Roquefort 32

    apples, pears, red salad, celery, walnut, Roquefort / 330g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • From the sea 34

    squid, mussels, shrimp, zucchini, mustard Dijon, honey, garlic / 250g
    Allergens: crustaceans, mustard

  • Salad mix 18

    / 180g

  • Travagant salad with wild tuna 42

    green salad, baked potatoes, green beans, potatoes, wild tuna, poached egg, olives, anchovies / 250g
    Allergens: fish


  • Raclette Beef 110

    dry-agedck Angus Bla beef (rib-eye), potato, Raclette cheese / 280g / 200g
    Allergens: lactose

  • Delice from Dijon 80

    maturated beef steak with Dijon mustard sauce, Brie de Meaux and side dish at your choice: Raclette potatoes / zucchini / cauliflower / 220g / 20g
    Allergens: lactose, mustard

  • Trava Beef Burger 35

    bun, beef, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, Gouda cheese, barbecue sauce / 250g
    Allergens: lactose, mushrooms

  • Once upon a time on the hill... 52

    special recipe for Raclette beef liver and potato / 220g / 200g
    Allergens: lactose

  • Manglitsa Pork with zucchini 68

    rib-eye / chop / pulp Mangalitsa, grilled zucchini / 220g / 200g
    Allergens: lactose

  • The Duck 68

    duck breast, wine sauce, pea and celery purée, french butter / 220g / 100g
    Allergens: celery, lactose


  • Cocomussels 34

    mussels in white wine, coconut milk, paprika, ginger, garlic, vegetable cream / 220g
    Allergens: shellfishs, garlic

  • Trout with green beans 55

    trout, green beans, butter, olives, onions / 250g / 200g
    Allergens: fish

  • Tuna steak with green beans 70

    tuna, green beans, olives, fennel / 220g / 200g
    Allergens: fish

  • Edmond Fallot salmon 47

    salmon, mustard, basil / 220g
    Allergens: fish

  • Baby Octopus 49

    with potatoes, fennel and white sauce / 220g / 200g
    Allergens: lactose, fish

  • Grilled octopus on olive charcoal 95

    with special side dish. Ask the waiter / 220g / 200g
    Allergens: lactose, fish

  • Chickpea shrimps 42

    Black Tiger shrimps, chickpea, chilly, Travagant sauce / 250g
    Allergens: shellfish


  • Risotto forest 36

    Arborio rice, mushrooms, parmesan, vegetable soup / 250g
    Allergens: fungi, lactose

  • Risotto Williams 34

    Arborio rice, Williams pears, Roquefort cheese and walnuts / 250g
    Allergens: lactose

  • Risotto from the sea 40

    Arborio rice, shrimp, mussels, squid / 300g
    Allergens: crustaceans


  • Carbonara 34

    pasta, bacon, parmesan, cheese Ossau-Iraty Laruns, egg, pepper / 300g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • Bolognese 38

    pasta, bolognese sauce / 300g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • 4 cheese 34

    pasta, light cream, parmesan, Laruns Ossau- Iraty, Brillat-Savarin, Roquefort / 300g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • Pasta Pesto 38

    pasta, pesto sauce, Tiger shrimp / 300g
    Allergens: crustaceans, gluten, lactose

  • Pâtes de la mer 40

    pasta, shrimp, mussels, squid / 300g
    Allergens: crustaceans, gluten, lactose

  • Pasta Travagant 40

    pasta, horseradish, asparagus, dried tomatoes / 300g
    Allergens: gluten, lactose

  • Beefy Pasta 38

    pasta, beef steak, cherry tomatoes / 300g
    Allergens: gluten, lactose

  • Tuna Pasta 42

    pasta, asparagus, dry tomatoes, wild tuna and olive oil / 300g
    Allergens: gluten, lactose



  • Forest Cheesecake 18

    cheese, berries / 130g
    Allergens: gluten, lactose

  • Crumble Zabaglione 21

    hazelnuts, egg, sugar, flour, butter, berries / 150g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten, peanuts

  • Chocolat Cremeux 21

    72% black chocolate, butter, cream, eggs, milk / 130g
    Allergens: lactose

  • Tiramisu 22

    milk, egg, mascarpone cheese, sponge finger, coffee, cocoa / 130g
    Allergens: lactose, gluten

  • Lime parfait with basil 22

    / 130g
    Allergens: lactose